This poem was written in memory of my mother, Janice

of needles and haystacks

in the haystack
you were the needle within
serendipitous delicious connection
magnetism at great distance
no masks
no games
pure joy

alas only for a moment
entangled fearful in your mind
you became the straw
shattering the animal’s back

your soul glimpsed the clear waters
of happiness
of chance
of rising
of you becoming more

alas your mind enveloped you
consumed you
dragged you
clawed you
buried you in the fog

I play in the field with pixies
I smell the orange blossoms
I feel the breeze on my cheeks
I taste the clarity of my soul
I see many truths
I embody resilience

–Maida Hewton 2022


time fractured
love dismissed
a life compressed

rushing stream
soft moss bed
dignity lay fragile
lifted into the breeze

swirling wisps of smoke
touching wings
carried into the layers
re-emergence in a bolt

droplets . . . pools of tears
heart on fire . . . roaring
rising to the peaks
gliding through the valleys

emissions of strength gleaned
sorrow flushed
dreams in clarity
silence is held preciously

–Maida Hewton 2022